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I am grew up in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  During my childhood I had several very influential teachers and mentors who pushed me in my love for mathematics and the social sciences.  This led me to studying political science with a desire to be a professor.  When I am not working, I am a nerd at heart.  With a deep passion for science fiction and fantasy.  Since the pandemic, I have started being a Game Master for my friends as we play Dungeons and Dragons virtually.  These interests helped drive me with a constant desire to learn and expand my understanding of the world, but with an understanding that some things I will never truly be able to understand.  



Gender and Legislative Behavior

What impacts marginalization?  How does institutional differences change methods for overcoming marginalization?  Is collaboration a successful methodology for overcoming marginalization?  Does overcoming marginalization impact substantive representation?

131 Hours Completed

Texas Tech University

Ph. D. in Political Science

Authoritarian Regimes

How do Authoritarian regimes behave?  How do they differ from democracies?

Internet Regulation

How does the control of information effect individuals, and the states ability to control the populous?  As well as, its impact on demoratization.


What are the causes and effects of democracy on society and the state?


Texas Tech University

M.S. in Data Science


Oklahoma State University

B.S. in Political Science

Minors in Geography and Chinese (Language)


Texas Tech University

M.A. in Political Science

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